You Have to Deal With These 6 Risks Responsibly to Write Successfully for The Audience

Nicole Hilbig
5 min readAug 23, 2022

Your use of language and style have a huge impact on your audience

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„The writer must get into touch with his reader by putting before him something which he recognises, which, therefore, stimulates his imagination, and makes him willing to co-operate in the far more difficult business of intimacy.“

— Virginia Woolf

As a writer you want to get your readers hooked and not bored. You strive to write in an exciting, insightful and informative way by knowing several methods to get that.

With the use of your language, style and structure, you are only successful if the reader can get added value from your stories and becomes a fan of your content.

However, there are many risks in using the language or intention, so as a writer you always have a responsibility to your readers.

6 Risks That You as a Writer Must Deal With Responsibly

The following risks are examples mentioned by Peter Woods in his book “Successful Writing for Qualitative Researchers” (3rd edition), I came across recently.

1. Seduction

There are many delicate and sensitive readers who can quickly empathize with the thoughts or descriptions of your stories. As a result, they can be afflicted with it in the long term because the topic stirs them up so much that they cannot process them as quickly as other readers.

Therefore, you must take extra care not to upset or frighten these readers too much.

2. Persuasion

Your writing could “lead people to do things they might regret, raising ethical questions”. So it’s important to use your words carefully so as not to cause psychological damage to your readers, especially when the thought process is so engaging that it tempts or pushes your readers into actions or considerations that they normally would not have.



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