Which of the 4 Worlds of Work of 2030 Would You Prefer for the Future?

Nicole Hilbig
9 min readDec 29, 2021

Are you prepared with the skills needed in 2030?

Are you afraid or curious about what the future of work holds in store? What will the future of work look like? Which skills and professions will be relevant in the future? And will all professions soon be taken over by AI and automation, so that the “era of leisure” begins?

Lots of questions and hopes as well as fears that let shape some ideas and concepts of the future and look for answers.

In 2007 PwC made a survey of 10,000 people living in China, India, UK, Germany and the US. These insights showed how people think the future workplace will develop and how this would affect their employment prospects and work lives.

10 years later they summarized these prospects into a global study where four possible working worlds were created, which divides the possible future of the working world into four different scenarios. The red, blue, green and yellow world of work. Depending on the world, different requirements and challenges emerge, so that the goals of the workers with a view to the world of work ultimately produce different possibilities and results.

Which one would you choose? Which one would be most suitable for you and best meet your wishes?

The Four Worlds of Work of 2030

It is interesting how the study designed the division of the four worlds. The guidelines are two pairs of opposites: collectivism vs. individualism and integration vs. fragmentation. All four working environments of the future will move within this coordinate system. They call it the “push and pull” effect within this system.

Image: Pairs of opposites (coordinate system): collectivism vs. individualism, integration vs. fragmentation
The four guidelines of the future of work. Source.

Since you cannot divide everything in black and white, three and finally four working environments were created here that take into account all the new challenges and requirements in dealing with intelligent machines.

The colors should by no means influence the choice of working environments, because all four have benefits and downsides, depending on which focus you are…



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