The New World of Unemployment — What if Robots Do all the Work?

Nicole Hilbig
8 min readAug 29, 2021

Do we survive in the “era of leisure”?

Just recently we were amazed to see Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk launch space tourism on the news. How futuristic do you think this idea was? The first, almost decadent and expensive flights went into space in July and actually landed safely back on earth. If only for a few minutes. Nobody could believe that this was already possible.

Elon Musk committed himself to autonomous driving and surprised us a few years ago with the possibilities of almost hands-free, relaxed driving. Driving without a driver? Why not? His latest project is the development of a humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot. It should be able to take on monotonous and constant as well as boring tasks. In other words, exactly what machines have always been intended to do.

Musk has been investing in the future for a long time because he sees what we can actually do now and are able to implement. He dares to put things into practice and not to wait until the last one has understood that we are technologically advanced enough to finally make all of this a reality. So what are we waiting for?

Are We still Sleeping?

But why don’t we already live the future now? Are we still sleeping? Are we not interested in it? Or do we not understand what is possible? Don’t we understand the immense and multiple benefits that robots offer us?

The pandemic has shown how backward we actually live in our digital age. Although the pandemic made the digital upturn possible for us, it seems that this progress has only been short-lived.

Many companies are going back to the familiar way of working that has proven itself over many years. Away from the home office, away from virtual meetings, away from 5-hour working days, away from performance based on trust, toward full 8-hours working days, toward full boss supervision in the company office, toward compulsory attendance and personal team meetings as well all local event options related to the company.

Everything that we have finally achieved successfully during the now almost 2-year-old pandemic, turns to dust within a few months.



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