Hypergraphia — Is Writing Addicting?

Nicole Hilbig
Nov 23, 2021
Blurred hands typing on keyboard. Black background. Hypergraphia.
Photo by Gajus on Adobe Stock.

“Hypergraphia is essentially the opposite of writer’s block. It’s driven, compulsive writing“

In 2004, the neurologist Alice W. Flaherty wrote a book about her experiences with manic hypergraphia. She explains:

“The sight of a computer keyboard or a blank page gave me the same rush that drug addicts get from seeing their freebasing paraphernalia.”

It’s like you’re an obsessive, insane writer with a manic urge to write.

You have so much energy, you can’t do anything but write:

  • the words just gush out of you,
  • your hand is constantly typing, writing or painting incessantly,
  • even on toilet paper,
  • your head is full of words, ideas and thoughts that you cannot control,
  • writing makes you feel inspired and as good as never before.

This can go on for several weeks until you fall into a deep state of exhaustion.

Has this happened to you before?



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