How the New Nature Writing Hype Can Improve Your Self-Awareness

Nicole Hilbig
3 min readJan 1, 2022

4 benefits of writing down what you see

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We already know the benefits of nature walks, for example to overcome mental blocks or to practice mindfulness.

We also know that painting landscapes is just as relaxing as it is inspiring and enriching.

But do you also know the term “Nature Writing”?

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The conscious nature writing process in “Romanticism” around 1800 in England is today experiencing a new hype in self-discovery, self improvement and mindfulness.

The trend of the New Nature Writing implies a daily habit to write down “what you see”: as accurate and unfiltered as possible. A mindful description of the environment of the nature, wilderness, animals, plants and everything that is in it.

It can easily be connected with your daily Journaling habit, where you already write down and reflect your daily actions, memories, goals and experiences.

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What Are the Benefits of Nature Writing?

1. Escapism

Nature Writing helps to get rid of the feeling of alienation in this fast-paced, urban world. It also helps to consciously withdraw into the created image of nature in order to find our way back to our own needs and desires.

2. Reloading Your Self-Image

When describing the environment, not only the boundaries of nature, but also inner, deep human boundaries are opened up and redefined. It frees from compulsions and allows new self-definitions to be explored.

3. Imaginary Nature Walk

Nature Writing opens a view of new details in nature, but also of the whole, on everything earthly. Thereby it makes you aware of the blending of ecologic environment and human influences, so it can feel like an imaginary nature walk.

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